Do you have a four-hour lecture to give by videoconference?
Do you need to lead a student working group remotely for one semester?
Board and Klaxoon's full suite
of collaborative tools
all our expertise
  • develop student proactivity
  • reinforce the dynamics of group work
  • facilitate everyday discussion between teams

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Klaxoon is an all-in-one solution for remote teaching, organizing group work with students, and helping universities' and schools' administrative staff adapt to remote work.
First and foremost, Klaxoon means Board; a visual and collaborative workspace with a built-in videoconferencing function. It is also a comprehensive suite of activities, including customizable Capsules to post content, Surveys, gamified Quizzes, Live questions, and more.
To be eligible for Klaxoon's "100% education" promotion you must purchase licenses for at least 50% of your organization's permanent employees (teaching and administrative staff), which gives you access to the special promotional rate of €4.90/month and free licenses for students. Any additional license will be charged at Klaxoon's standard public price.
Adopted as early as 2015 by public and private institutions of higher education, as well as by major professional training organizations all over the world, Klaxoon has become a must-have application for teaching institutions that want to implement new pedagogical practices for capturing students' attention, as well as raise their awareness of the new collaborative methods available for group projects and their work with associations.
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