Enhance the Future of Work: A Guide to Efficient Change Management
Discover how to structure your transformation process and engage your teams for successful change management.
[Klaxoon Guide] Enhance the Future of Work: A Guide to Efficient Change Management

Companies are currently facing unprecedented transformation challenges. To remain competitive, they must both effectively engage all stakeholders in their change management process, and guarantee rapid and effective execution of their actions.

Even today, Gartner estimates that 54% of corporate teams suffer from "change fatigue". The priority, therefore, is to give meaning to your transformation, by putting in place all the right conditions for adaptation and commitment at scale.

In this comprehensive guide, you'll learn how to make your change management a success, while reducing costs and anticipating unforeseen events:

  1. Analyze the need for change
  2. Build a resilient environment
  3. Identify stakeholders
  4. Leverage agile methods and tools
  5. Simplify your communication
  6. Create a culture of change through commitment
  7. Empower your teams to innovate
  8. Track your progress
  9. Iterate and adjust over the long term
  10. Recognize successes, whatever they may be


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