Digital Learning Essentials: The Go-To Guide for Efficient Hybrid Training
Discover step-by-step the different ways to maximize learner engagement in your hybrid training courses.
Klaxoon White paper: Digital Learning: The Go-to Guide for Efficient Hybrid training

Skills in the workplace have never been obsolete so quickly: they remain valid for just 2 years today, compared with 30 years in 1987 (OECD).

As a result, training is more important than ever to companies, playing a decisive role in their growth and profitability. To meet these challenges, Learning & Development (L&D) teams must be able to offer learners a fluid and engaging experience, effectively combining face-to-face and distance learning, as well as synchronous and asynchronous hybrid training.

Maximize learner engagement in your hybrid courses, anytime, anywhere


With this guide, you'll master all the challenges of digital learning, and discover how to create a learning environment conducive to long-term skills development:

  • Efficiently combine distance and face-to-face training ;
  • Boost participant engagement with hybrid collaborative tools;
  • Exploit the full potential of synchronous and asynchronous learning;
  • Gather feedback to improve every step of the way;
  • Implement a culture of continuous learning;
  • Deploy an agile and sustainable training cycle.


Gallup's research shows that companies that implement an effective hybrid learning culture can increase their profitability by 11%! An online collaborative platform is an effective solution to help you enhance your training experience, thanks to a remote experience on a par with the face-to-face one, and easier monitoring of your learners' progress and engagement.

Create a dynamic, sustainable learning environment now, and enhance the skills of your teams, wherever they may be!

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