Asynchronous Work:
4 Strategies to Increase Employee Autonomy and Productivity

With this guide, unleash your team's full potential by adopting innovative, flexible working practices today!




Imagine a workspace where every employee can manage their time efficiently, and collaborate seamlessly from anywhere. Asynchronous working is the key to achieving this level of autonomy and productivity. According to Gartner, employees who have the freedom to manage their working time are 2.3 times more efficient, and more likely to stay with their employer over the long term.

Asynchronous working enables teams to collaborate effectively, without the constraint of having to be available at the same time. By empowering them and reinforcing their autonomy, organizational leaders can create a more engaging and productive working environment for their teams, whether on site, remotely or in hybrid mode.

In this guide, discover four essential strategies for making the most of asynchronous working and revolutionizing your organization:


  • Reduce Fragmented Work: Limit interruptions and improve focus by enabling employees to respond to solicitations at their own pace, and create dedicated concentration slots.
  • Strengthen Team Empowerment: Simplify the manager’s role by creating a work environment that reduces cognitive load and encourages team autonomy.
  • Develop Intentional Collaboration: Plan and structure your collaboration moments to maximize efficiency and reduce reliance on synchronous meetings.
  • Improve Employee Well-Being: Give your teams more autonomy, reduce the stress associated with synchronous exchanges, and promote a better work-life balance.


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